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24 February - Lincoln Skeptics


Blogger at Telegraph Wonder Women


I am not currently accepting new press or speaking requests about sex work, but please feel free to contact my agent or publisher with other requests.

Are you an editor or journalist looking for a comment from, or to commission a piece by, a current or former sex worker? Here are some people based in the UK whose work on the topic is highly recommended:

Laura Lee
Laura is an Irish sex worker with 20 years' experience in several countries, and currently resides in Scotland. She has been widely published, appeared in television and radio debates, and is the current spokesperson for the IUSW (International Union of Sex Workers).

Madam Becky Adams
Becky is a bestselling memoirist and former madam who campaigns for the rights of disabled clients of sex workers, and gives seminars to businesses on how they can improve customer service. She has loads of television experience, everything from breakfast TV to news.

Rebecca Dakin
Author and speaker, Rebecca is a former escort who offers relationship coaching and is an expert on online dating, infidelity, and neurolinguistic programming.

Miranda Kane
Miranda is a performer and comedian whose one-woman show about her experiences as a plus-sized escort has toured all over the UK, including at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Paris Lees
Although primarily known for her trans activism, Paris is also a former sex worker who used the work to pay for her university degree and has written and spoken about the experience in various media outlets.

Ruth Jacobs
Ruth is an ex-sex worker who campaigns for the acceptance of the Merseyside Model, which would categorise crimes against sex workers as hate crimes. She has also written a series of memoirs about her experiences. Her petition for the Merseyside Model has had tens of thousands of signatures in support.

Jes Richardson
Jes is a survivour of sex trafficking who runs online training courses on best practice for addressing the problems of trafficking within communities.